SUNY New Paltz Analytical Facility


TESCAN VEGA3 LMU scanning electron microscope with LaB6 (or W) cathode that can be operated in a high-vacuum mode for coated/conductive specimens, as well as a low-vacuum mode for non-conductive specimens in their natural state.

Automated stage, secondary electron (SE) and backscatter (BSE) detectors.


Nordlys Max 3 EBSD camera and XMaxN 50 EDS detector with Aztec Software.

Separate or simultaneous EBSD and EDS mapping, EDS point analyses.


Phase map of a sample of Aheim dunite after processing of the raw data with MTEX. White areas are not indexed.

EBSD data color-coded by inverse pole figure. The similar colors of the majority of grains indicates a strong lattice preferred orientation.

Individual grains color-coded relative to the deviation from their mean orientation accentuating grain internal deformation. Gray colors indicate uniform orientation.

SE imaging

Fracture surface of 3-D printed plastic.

Example of a wide-field image. This enables easy navigation on large samples.

Stomata on a freshly picked oak leaf. Images were taken under high vacuum with sample as is.


EDS map showing the distribution of Ca in a sample of Anita Bay peridotite. Brightest areas are melt and cpx, darker grains are Ca-rich opx. Olivine is darkest. Field of view: 1 mm

BSE imaging

BSE ‘panorama’ of a peridotite, optimized for contrast. Each image tile in the panorama is 1 mm on a side. Dark grains are orthopyroxene, lighter gray olivine.

Hourly Rates

Academic: $50

Commercial: $200



Science Hall 108
SUNY New Paltz
75 S Manheim Blvd
New Paltz, NY 12561

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